Name: Ambrose Nolan
Nick Name: None
Birthday: February 2, 1981
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height/Weight/Build: 5/8", Average Build
Hair Color/Eye Color: Dark Hair/Dark Eyes
Career: Assistant Manager at Book Shop
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Divorced

Parents: Daniel and Ana
Siblings: Layla (30) and Chloe (27)
Other Family: Mary (ex-wife)
Children: None
Pets: Felix


Ambrose was born in Ireland, but moved to America when he was just a teenager. Coming from a family of three, he is the eldest child and his father always pushed him the hardest. As the first born and only son, he was encouraged to be perfect in many things he sought to accomplish. Academics were a source of struggle, as he exceeded in his lessons, but his high marks were never high enough when his father was concerned. A ninety percent was shameful because of the ten percent that remained unearned. While his parents were not strict, they were very insistent in regards to educational standards, especially with their eldest son. He especially loved literature and found escape from his struggles through books. He even tried to write a few up until college, where his passion for writing was placed aside so he could focus on earning a degree in business.

Life from home helped him branch out and explore who he truly was as a person. The dating scene was absolutely wild but, as chaotic as it seemed, he still managed to hold a grip when his studies were concerned. After all, poor marks would result in a nightmare homecoming and he did not want that. But he finally found a lovely woman by the name of Mary who settled his heart. She shared a love for literature and they were both pursuing the same major. They shared a few of the same courses and, after a drink for courage, he one day asked her to lunch. That started off five years of dating that turned into a marriage and life in Boston, Massachusetts.

She found employment in Boston soon after they were engaged and, while he wanted to wait until marriage to move in together, such an opportunity turned things around. After finding employment of his own, the couple found a small home in the city and started a life of their own. Years passed and Mary's job as an assistant manager for a book store did not work out. The business buckled and jobs were lost, including hers. So Ambrose thought, what if they took this as an opportunity to open a business of their own? It was a risk, a gamble really, and Mary was not immediately on board. In fact, she refused and started looking for part-time work. However, the book store that previously employed her ended up going out of business. Set for an affordable price, and both being ambitious towards their own business, Ambrose finally talked Mary into re-opening the store under their own name and brand.

Nolan Books blossomed into a shining example of great business but, being so young in their adult years, the shine would soon wear off and fabric would begin to fray. Working together and living together created tension in their relationship. Getting a business off the ground was challenging enough and, adding relationship problems into things only made things worse. Even as their business blossomed into something beautiful, their relationship began to fall apart. Things at home were tense and there was little spark in their love. Ambrose thought about bringing in others as co-owners so that they could spend less time together at work and simply work on their marriage. By that point it was already too late, as he walked in on his wife having relations with their assistant manager.

Brokenhearted, Ambrose's hopes of mending things fell apart. Mary moved out of the house and the couple filed for divorce in the fall of 2012. She moved in with her boyfriend, who resigned from the company, and neither Ambrose and Mary quit. It was a tense situation that was awkward for a couple going through divorce. Several months down the line, the business started to suffer profits because of the broken couple. Finally, in the fall of 2013, they closed up shop and parted ways. Putting his business to rest was one of the hardest decisions he ever made, aside from signing his divorce papers, but he did his best to put his life back together.

Mary moved to another state after pursuing another job and took her boyfriend with her. Ambrose started to write again, sometimes submitting articles to magazines, but his main source of work was with a previous competitor in the world of literature retail. Starting as a simple supervisor, he rose in position over the years until he became assistant manager. As successful as he was in his position, it was still not enough to bring enough money in to pay the bills. With a large house and only sharing it with his cat, he decided to rent out his lower level for extra cash. Over the years since the divorce, he has become accustomed to isolating himself and hopefully this new chapter in his life will brighten into something better.